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February 19, 2017

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February 19, 2017 - Oakland, CA

Priest’s Orders

It’s Sunday, February 19th and is hosting Priests, (Katie Alice Greer, Daniele Daniele, Taylor Mulitz and G.L. Jaguar), on this holiest of jam days.  The band is set up in a white-walled basement surrounded by strands of lights and cream-colored curtains bunched up for a back-drop.

“This is great T.V., ready for prime-time! Hello everybody, we’re called Priests. You’re on the internet watching us — welcome! We’re a band,” she continues somewhat awkwardly, “we’re live in a house somewhere in Oakland, California, and we’re gonna play some songs for you. Here we go!”

The camera flashes to a variety of pedals organized on the floor, confusing looking as all hell, and then moves up to the most beautiful blue guitar I have ever seen. What comes out of it sounds just as good as it looks. A catchy melody drains down through my ear-holes and just as it sits all cozy-like at the drum of it, a thick voice enters abruptly — causing a dizzying, yet delightful effect.

The lead singer looks dashing in her fluffy blue dress and gaudy gold earrings while she belts repetitive lyrics over the transfixing guitar melody, unwavering. The short-haired chick wearing a retro-yellow tee holds a tight, fast beat on the kit, and the nonchalant looking bassist chills on the side, plucking at some heavy notes — the anchor holding down the ship.

“It’s all live, It’s all happening,” says the front-woman in the baby blue gown.

The guitarist continues to tap away at the strings on the frets, his square-rimmed glasses and printed top make for a colorful yet proper sight.

As the set continues, I notice that the lead singer falls deeper and deeper into what she’s saying, what the other band members are playing — into her groove. It’s almost like she gives a shit about what they are trying to get across.

I don’t care what you think, she drones on in her strong, stony voice.

Which is exactly what these punk-gone-priests are attempting to get across.

And they really are somewhat of an off-beat godly bunch; they talk about being “cogs in the machine,” love, politics, living in our modern world, and also emphasize the consequences of judgement.

I could really see these guys performing at some sort of a “Rebels With Wholesome Intentions” dance convention.

Personally, one of my favorite repeating lines, I thought I was a cowboy because I smoked Reds, shines a light on the sort of talk-style, train-of-thought writing that this band emits.

A nice surprise comes about towards the end of the set as the drummer slams a fast beat while simultaneously shares some colorful words with the mic. She describes a setting, a mood, a moment of fear that screams at you to PAY ATTENTION.

The other members bob their bods along and keep themselves turned towards her as she spits in tongues. The sentiment is obvious; this woman is a badass beat-ist and a wordsmith. I’m listening.

They’re not perfect sounding by any means, but what punk influenced artist wants to be? That cringe, that dirt, that tiny bit of chaos IS the message.  A movement set in place to make us completely aware of our senses.

“Thanks, internet, for coming to the show. Make sure to punch a Nazi sometime — Bye!”

And with those orders from the Priest, I find myself googling “white supremacists near me” in hopes to fulfill the Lord’s work.

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- Nikki Zambon