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August 8, 2017

It's time to raise the bar!

What is We are a team of music fans and we love indie music: garage rock, punk, electronic/experimental, hip-hop, indie pop, noise – you name it! We started to promote our favorite new and underground bands from all over the world. With these bands we produce live music experiences, and bring these unique performances to our fans on our YouTube channel. We’ve decided it’s time to raise the bar and bring even more content to our fans through Patreon, so we can produce more live music experiences than ever!

Why Patreon? We want to work with Patreon to take a big step forward and we’d like to make you a part of it. We can currently create only about three new music performances per month. It’s a lot of work, but we’d like to be able to take on even more: our first goal is to double that number!

Visit our page on Patreon: to learn more about the perks and our goals. Become a Patron